Sunday, August 31, 2008

Arcane Art - Keen Joys of Solitude (V)

Karsten Hamre is one of those people who enjoys having far too many projects at any given time. Not that I know any of those *cough, cough.* Arcane Art is a project that specialises in keyboard work with spoken word.

Some of the atmosphere of Keen Joys of Solitude reminds me of some of the neofolk that I listen to far too much - an observation borne well by my recent discovery of Karsten's profile. Artists in common? Death In June, In Gowan Ring . . . it's oddly meditative music for something as . . . not ambient as it is. The melodies are enjoyable in a calm way and the orchestration is creative and works quite well. I'm almost certain the last track quotes American hymn "Lift Every Voice And Sing," which strikes me as quite strange coming from a Czech artist, but I suppose it may well be a coincidence.

Arcane Art seems in some ways a forum to discuss art and a work to relax the artist rather than so much an offering to others. It comes across as personal and heartfelt. Do explore Karsten Hamre's work where you can - I don't know how available this (limited) release is anymore.

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