Sunday, August 31, 2008

Njiqahdda – Nji.Njijn.Njiijn (J)

A few months ago I did a review of Njiqahdda’s (pronounced Nee-Gee-Kaa-Da) astounding 2007 debut, “Njimajikal Arts,” which consisted of black metal flirting with funeral doom metal, shoegaze, ambient, and psychedelic rock. One year and 9 (NINE? HOLY GOD) releases later, we are presented with the highly experimental and crushing full-length release, “Nji.Njiijn.Njiiijn.”

In “Nji.Njiijn.Njiiijn,” we see Njiqahdda distance themselves from the shoegazer elements of previous releases and instead incorporate more drone and noise influences into their songs. To accommodate the new drone-influenced direction, this release features a much thicker, crunchier distortion on the guitars and bass as well as the incorporation of more field recordings and background noise/fuzz. These elements make this CD much more monotonous, but in a good, EARTH kind of way. The riffs drone on and repeat as more and more fuzz enters the background until you have this wonderful melodic noise that ebbs and flows (hey, I used that phrase about the last album, too! Hooray consistency). This is the kind of album you listen to alone whilst spacing out in a dark room (perhaps with candles, too, if you’re into that stuff).

Unfortunately, this album didn’t wow me as much as “Njimajikal Arts,” considering that album set a new threshold of expectance for atmospheric black metal, BUT this album is still great, nonetheless.

Recommended for fans of: Darkspace, Nachtmystium, Drudkh, Agalloch, and all the other bands I mentioned in the other Njiqahdda review.

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Here's the link to buy it on our Njiqahdda page:

The Njiqahdda - Nji. Njiijn. Njiiijn CD features a glorious full-color deluxe digipack edition. (2008 Four perfectly distilled very long tracks of unique psychadelic black metal art. Black metal, psychadelic, folk, ambient, doom and shoegaze all take part in this ambitious and mind-altering piece of musical art. We are proud to release this deluxe digipack edition of Njiqahdda's full-length recording. Four epic tracks, 72 minutes of deeply absorbing, ritualistic melancholic Nji-Metal.

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