Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gregor Samsa - 55:12 (V)

Gregor Samsa is beautiful, minimalist post-rock. And epic. Beautiful, epic, minimalist post-rock. The . . . seven-member? band brings Sigur Rós to mind with the epic orchestration and beautiful melodies, but with a distinctly softer overall tone and more softly accessible male and female vocals.

Gregor Samsa's music doesn't in the least reflect Die Verwandlung to me - one of the most depressing works I've ever read, as compared to soft, hopeful, tender beauty. But I appreciate the reference. And the music. And members of Kayo Dot? Amazing. I'll admit that the strings bring Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra to mind, but I think in terms of delicate beauty, Gregor Samsa has truly overtaken these. And there's no flavour of Jewish music worked in, which, though it's a lovely flavour, detracted for me from the purity of the music as an original work in a modern context.

All of the tracks on 55:12 are amazing. Soft, attractive melodies. Like listening to Slowdive drawn into something slower and more gently thoughtful. Sit with 55:12 for several hours, and you'll feel at once uplifted and longing for something lost.

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