Friday, July 4, 2008

Stillbirth's Response, and my comment.

Hey, Etherised just got a message from Stillbirth:

I just read your review and noticed that you said my lyrics were dealing with genocide and other stereotypical issues. In fact, they had nothing to do with that whatsover. The song was entitled "scared of sex" and deals with impotency and doubting of self worth. They lyrics read as follows:

scared of women
scared of sex
scared of god
scared of death

and while I must note that they are not the most poetic words ever written they pretty much have the exact opposite intent of usual power electronics dealing with genocide and whatever else you said.
The cheesy moaning and rolling around on the floor was meant to seem pathetic, desperate and weak.
It seems you missed the intent of my set entirely.

I feel it's my duty, as the writer of the review, to respond, so here I go...

I don't know if I made it clear enough, but I entered this show from the position of a complete outsider. I found out about it via a myspace message, and decided to see what it entailed. At the time of writing the review I couldn't even find the bulletin in order to figure out the name of the artists I was writing about, so doing a bit of research was a bit hard for me.

At the time of seeing your set, that was literally the first time I'd ever seen, heard, experienced, or even pretty much known of your existence. I don't really recall you introducing the song, and given my hearing disabilities on top of the effects used to treat your voice, it wasn't too hard to mistake "scared of sex" for "tourniquet" - When I brought these words up in a later discussion, no one corrected me either.

With your present explanation, I wouldn't really change what I had to say about your performance, other than my own mistakes about the lyrics, and what that subsequently says about "standard power electronics fair" (And I'll readily admit I was wrong about that). As for the "silly" aspect of your performance? Even as far as what I said as it being "silly", your act still was dead on for what you were trying to portray. The result may not have struck me as it would strike you, or the others in the audience, but I'm a different person and I will react differently. It's just how it is. I agree with you, I did miss the point of your set, mostly over a pretty huge (and literal) misunderstanding but the light you've shed on it has changed that and you still stand as one of my favorite sets of the evening.


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