Saturday, February 28, 2009

Benighted in Sodom - Plague Overlord (V)

Benighted in Sodom is a raw mess of dissonant chords and crushing harmonies . . . the slow, deathly motion, however, is continuous and compelling as the rays of light shining down from the maw of oncoming destruction. This is one of those lights-out, candles-burning stare-into-space and cry records. Which probably explains why Benighted in Sodom's Thorn is completely covered in scars. The album manages to make transitions between atmospheres of guitar and blast beats and raw-black-metal cymbal pulses sound effortless and perfect. Emotion drifts from aching, beautiful, and hateful and back again, wrapping us in everything at once so that the eventual suicide is a work of beauty rather than despair.

Benighted in Sodom does, in fact, tour with session members (previously including members of Chaosmoon), and the next time you have a chance to see the ketamine molecule on Thorn's shirts (and Thorn without a shirt) live, go. And don't take any form of blade with you, you'll be tempted to use it. As great as the record is, it has nothing on the show.

For people who want emotion to eclipse thought. And don't mind feeling horrible about everything.

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