Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Winters In Osaka - Red Tooth, Red Claw (V)

Red Tooth, Red Claw is a well-executed piece of noisework that drags up some bigger names in the noise circuit. The first track, Satyr's Birth, is intense and varied, and contains guest work from respected Japanese cyberpunk author/electronic musician Kenji Siratori as well as widely-respected Norwegian black noise artist Zweizz. This track is trully a blasting and varied work of pure harsh noise, completely delightful to the tongue and ears.

The second track, In the Form of a Siren and Foetus, is a collaboration with fellow Illinois noisician Mykel Boyd, and sticks to the low, consuming, ambient side of noise. Though less exciting, this 13-minute track is an excellently surrounding piece of ambience - like noise reaching out and holding you in its . . . tentacles?

Though sadly only a 23-minute EP, this Winters In Osaka release is very well-executed and I'm certainly considering using it in the future as part of an introduction to noise for a curious music fan. Check out Winters In Osaka and their collaborators when you get a chance - if you like noise, you won't regret it.

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