Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Abandon - In Reality We Suffer (V)

The slow, draining atmosphere of Abandon's album is
With this release, Swedish sludge group Abandon lays down a morose and strangely sparse epic of, as the title suggests, suffering. Downtuned, abrasive bass, drums in their death throes, a violent discord of guitar, and harsh hateful vocals combine to forge really tastefully uncomfortable poundings in a sort of primal release of loathing.

Abandon's sound is definitely distinct, with a strong root in unusually balanced production, and distinctive guitar and bass tone that screams something about physical injury. In Reality We Suffer has no qualms about showing exactly the emotional parasites that are chewing on the Swede's minds. It's powerful, crushing, and hateful. Unlike some bands, that let out tension and anger in a blast of rage, Abandon's slow pounding actually engulfs the listener in a sense of loathing for self and for the rest of the world. It's really hard to write a review while listening, as it creates an atmosphere of failure and pointlessness.

If this sounds like good stuff to you, it probably is. Well done.

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