Monday, June 30, 2008

Guaranteed Katch - In A Sumptuous Brown Gravy (K)

Purists would say, music has to follow a certain path, has to apply to some kind of hidden codex. Accordingly are bands, who dare to ignore this unwritten set of rules, labelled as traitors and the co-called elite will express their voice in reviews in magazines respectively in the internet.

In terms of Guaranteed Katch it is hard to find some "kind of line" at all, as their concept on "In A Sumptuous Brown Gravy" is such a weird collection of music that to classify it becomes a tricky thing. There are some metalcore influences, some from the folk scene, some thrash metal now and then etc. Sometimes slow and calm, soon fast and aggressive or something in between, yes indeed, the variety of approaches to write music is immense on this record. Yet there is one constant factor: a glimpse of insanity. In the process of writing the album, at least some amount of drugs must have played a role, otherwise is the weirdness and the slight Monty Pythonian humour not explainable; see the track Trash Knight for instance; quote: My good man, I demand that you unhand that can; unhand that can my good man! (with a voice that reminds me on those of Graham Chapman). Really hilarious when you are actually listening to it!

Why does this band not receive broader attention? The album is well produced, the performance also on a good level and each track is certainly unique or better said different from any other on the album... in every aspect. So if you are ever in a sad mood or want to listen to something out of the ordinary, then put in this CD and the highly entertaining art of Guaranteed Katch will certainly cheer you up.

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