Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bloodrain - III: Nomen Nostrum Legio (A)

My neck sure is sore after a listen to the latest offering from Russia's Bloodrain. From a quick trip to Metal Archives you might come to believe this is just another satanic black metal band in a sea of satanic black metal bands. But if you give 'em a listen you'll find they're more of a blackened technical thrash, super tight and super catchy. Catchy? Uh-oh, that seems to be a dirty word in the world of metal (especially black metal), but i'll be damned if you won't have these songs stuck fast in your bangin' head. And a bangin' your noggin shall be as you're lead through a whirlwind of furious, convuluted thrashing structures with the occasional fast-as-fuck blastbeat. Guitar solo's abound throughout the album, and not some shitty play-as-fast-as-I-can Kerry King solo, no sir, thought out, super melodic and catchy (there's that word again). The production on the album is pretty fantastic as well, ALL the instruments coming through loud and clear (there's even some awesome bass lines here and there!). I especially like the sound on the drums, really powerful and punchy. Helps too that the drummer rules, throwing in some odd time signatures and killer cymbal accents to the precise blast n' thrash. But yeah, production wise something you might not expect coming from a Russian black metal band, especially one who's had releases on Stellar Winter (Blazebirth Hall anyone?). This also seems to be one of those rare thrash albums that can be gone over and over and again without being monotonous, which with my past experiences of thrashier bands is quite a feat ! But i'm fairly jaded, my thrash intake nowadays mostly limited to such bands as Morbid Saint, Destruction, Toxic Holocaust, etc. And just to reiterate, ALL the songs manage to kick huge amounts of ass whilst containing memorable parts galore. So if into black and/or thrash metal, this is surely a band you will want to check out. If you don't mind wearing a neck brace might help too ...

Released through Hexenhammer Records.

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